The History of Scheck Sign Systems goes back to 1938 when Ernest Schoech first started hand lettering everything from trucks to billboards. When his stepson, John, took an interest in sign painting, the two of them would go out on jobs together. Some of the large truck fleets would take months to letter all the permits on each truck door.

In the mid 1950's, the 3M company began producing vinyl for screen printing. Ernie and John were quick to seize the new technology and began producing decals for their growing truck fleet business. The company name was changed to Scheck Sign Systems and a new era began.


As vinyl took over the graphic industry, Scheck Signs saw a need for custom vinyl striping. Scheck Stripes was formed in 1985 to provide custom striping for the commercial industry.


In 1990, 3M™ recognized Scheck's roll-to-roll capabilities and contracted with us to slit and distribute their graphics films to their commercial graphics distributors. Scheck Supply was born and continues to provide next day service to Authorized 3M™ Distributors all across the country.


Scheck Signs continues to innovate and offer new products for your needs.  We now offer full-service offset printing services for items such as Letterhead, Envelopes, Business Cards, Carbonless Forms, Brochures, Etc.  Call us at 231-263-5220 for a free quote.